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Maja, Marijeta & Marin 

Maja Škiljaica Kreativni kotačić

Telling someone’s story through design is as much a challenge as it is a privilege. To be able to convey someone's vision, dream, essence and uniqueness, through image and graphics, means to breathe life into someone's thoughts and business. This is exactly my desire, but also my greatest passion - to feel the pulse of someone's desires and revive them.

Kreativni kotačić was created as a design studio in which your story, and dream, finally gets shape and color, I would say in short, the soul… and comes to life.

Whether you are a writer imagining the cover of your first book, or looking for a graphic solution for your business, from logo and visual identity to supporting content such as business cards, posters, banners and similar materials or a unique graphic solution for your website, I'm here to tell your story in the best possible way.

Your uniqueness deserves a unique approach, so through business consulting I first get to know you and your brand and then together with you I create a special story, and support your marketing, (or through the creation and management of your social networks.) Coming together with you and your vision is what motivates me the most, and what makes me a different designer because design is the fruit of both my inspiration and your desires.

For me, modern design is the fruit of intuitive recognition of what each client wants, but also a compact solution that is practical, simple and recognizable. I consider the latter to be particularly important when building a visual identity for any brand. Simplicity, elegance, sometimes vibrancy, color harmony and fluidity of the design itself through light lines, should reflect the energy of the project and I consider that crucial.

Marijeta Matijaš – From manuscript to reader

Hello,. I'm Marijeta Matijaš. By profession I am a professor of Croatian language and literature and a lecturer. For more than ten years I worked in the media as a journalist, editor and host of a television program. I gained invaluable experience in communicating with different profiles of people, but also learned how to adapt the way we communicate to the situation we are in, and the audience we are addressing.

As the book has always been a great friend of mine, I started publishing. After a series of titles where I was a proofreader and editor, I am finally publishing my first book in 2017 A small language advisor for better business communication which experienced great success in the market and in just one year the entire edition is sold out.

It was enough motivation to frame my knowledge enriched with many years of experience in public speaking in another title. The art of public speaking is the new book we are starting 2019 with.

From the call to teach about what I love most, and that is language communication and connect them with entrepreneurship which allowed me to best realize myself and my potentials, it was impossible to escape so I created a series of educational programs and had guest appearances on numerous conferences with the aim of raising awareness of proper and clear communication, in order to avoid disagreements, business mistakes, but also financial losses. The result of many years of educational activities are online programms created with the aim to make education accessible to everyone.

Marin Pende – VEM ART

Partner in a media project Aboutmen.hr

In addition to taking care of my work and covering the managerial part for more than two years, and doing PR & Marketing for my books and the Amazonke.com portal, Marin is my business partner in a project we designed in the fall of 2020 and launched in the spring of 2021 and continue to build. We are bound by a wonderful friendship, enthusiasm and love for marketing. 


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