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No1 Seminar

The 30-day seminar/challenge will be held online

Coaching / session options

Mini session of 3 hours for ladies who would like to discuss a current problem/doubt and are not sure whether they need more intensive work of several weeks or months. 

Session plus of 7 hours of work that is carried out over two weeks and in which we also deal with a specific question, a field that is currently bothering you. 

Intensive work session 15 hours of work over approximately 2 months where we deal with more issues and have a longer period to work and make the changes you would like to achieve. 

All the mentioned forms of work are individual, and are done via Zoom/WhatsApp/Messenger with instructions by email. And by phone.

Price per hour HRK 300.00 / €39.81

For the first cooperation, I approve a discount of 30%

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Before us is the end of one year and the beginning of a new year, a new era and new opportunities. Accordingly, and because I can receive a limited number of participants in my 1 on 1 coaching programs, I have prepared my first 30-day online seminar/challenge that will start on January 10, 2023.

No1 Seminar plan and program

Your joy, your emotional well-being, quality relationships and business success begin with you.

This is 30 days of facing your own brakes, beliefs, destructive subconscious patterns and their reflection on your daily life.

We will also touch on the topic of workload but also obligations in various spheres of life, burnout and relaxation methods, which are important in order to maintain a healthy level of energy and focus on the goals we want to achieve.

What does it include and what are we working on?

3 webinars / lectures lasting 40 minutes (Setting realistic goals, awareness of emotional barriers, Q&A)

2 hours of coaching with me by appointment via phone, Zoom, WhatsApp, etc

30 days email support plus creative step by step tasks

The number of places is limited, and registrations are possible at info@marijaklasicek.com with emphasis - 'No1' Seminar

The price is HRK 999.00 / €132.59

Fixed conversion rate €1=7.53450 HRK

The deadline for payment is 31.12. in 2022

Payment is made to:

Lion Media j.d.o.o.
Franje Tuđmana 39, Bestovje
IBAN: HR0224840081135141843
Payment description: Seminar


Applications for coaching

Please send your questions and applications to e-mail info@marijaklasicek.com with the indication "coaching".


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