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Writers retreat

In collaboration with my colleagues and dear friends Maja Škiljaica & Marijeta Matijaš, u proljeće 2023. kreće novi “Writers retreat” u Istri. Uključuje 2 noćenja i puni pansion. Detalji i booking na mail:


Beautiful Vila Benic (Zminj)

– eco friendly house


Three-day workshop

  • 6 lectures
  • creative work on participants ’manuscripts


2200,00 kn / 291,99 € early bird  do 15. ožujka

Fiksni tečaj konverzije 1€ = 7,53450 HRK

What else is included

  • coffee, tea, healthy snacks
  • heated pool & welcome packages
  • organized trip
  • a basket of local specialties

Private lessons

Want to improve your writing style or prepare your manuscript to send it to a publishers? Maybe you have a writer’s block and need advice on how to motivate yourself and where to find inspiration? An individual approach is always the best choice. Let me help you along the way. 

Manuscript work and counseling

A detailed review of your manuscript plus practical tips for improving the style and form of the writing.

Individual work - Price

€ 50.00 / hour

Editorial work

Manuscript preparation for printing / publishing - price on request

Book review included in the package

Help with self-publishing

If you are in the process of just publishing a book or are just planning to do so, I can guide you through the whole process. Price on request.

Online workshops

Participants in the writer's retreat or individual coaching, as well as other interested individuals who want to improve their writing style, have the opportunity to participate twice a year in online workshops that I organize on the topic of self-publishing and manuscripts work.


Twice a year, for 90 minutes via the Zoom app.


Za polaznike retreata i individualnog coachinga cijena je 210,00 kn / 27,87 €

Za ostale sudionike cijena je 330,00 kn / 43,79 €



Writers' blockades

Writing styles

Answers to your questions.

Book review

If you need a review of a book you have published or plan to publish, you can contact me and I will give you my opinion. Price reviews on request.


Let’s Get Started

I look forward to working together