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Dulogy Infinity, book one: "Darkness"

The story of a woman and the power of female energy, the so-called "Jin" 

My best friend Maja worked on the book in graphic's on the whole duology project. :))and she is with her studio Kreativni kotačić my project partner. Duology would not be what it is, if Maja had not breathed life into it with her creativity, ideas, energy and warmth.

While I was still working on the manuscript, we designed and planned our new journey together, and that is “Biblioteka Sunce” Within which we published “Darkness ”.

Our projects, just like this book, are a reflection of deep friendship, mutual support, respect and sincere sisterly love, because that is how we experience each other. Consequently, for me personally, this story means even more and is the start of a new path, both written and entrepreneurial.

The book can be purchased online via Lion Media webshopa.  And in all bookstores of "Hoću knjigu".

There is also a book with dedication, as well as bookmarks with quotations from the book.Other products from the "Sun Library" will soon be available on the site. Orders for Croatia are possible via the online shop, while for the rest of the world we request you to send orders to marija@lionmedia.hr .

I look forward to your impressions, I look forward to you telling me how the story affected you and what you learned along the way, about yourself.

"Darkness" - the tale of our falls and our new attempts


It was easy to walk on the edges. Dancing on the thin wire of my own emotions, but never really bothering to peek below the surface. This was the way I worked, lived and wrote and gave myself to the world in my first book.

‘Darkness’ is a dive into the depths, into the dense layers of the psyche and emotions. Deep in the subconscious where traumas, experiences, disappointments, touches, colors, smells and everything we experience at one point in our lives, still lives, but, our psyche can't explain sticking to it.

So it stores it somewhere deep, so that our mind, ego, and consciousness don't have to deal with it.

We're all at our core - dark, but not in this bad way, but in the wounded one.With the fact that we all went through struggles with the world, people and our own demons.

Darkness is the history of my struggle, through emotional histories fused into a whole that speaks of my core, the core of a woman.

About the "Infinity"

Growing up, I believed in second chances, but now I don't think everybody deserves them.Indeed, those who deserve a second chance are those who have not intentionally made a mistake.The others, they had the choice and they chose.

There are two extremes within me.One is Light, the other is Darkness. The light will give you much love, unconditional support and it's shoulder, always and no questions asked.The light won't ask why you need me, it will take off. The light will want to forgive you because the light unquestioningly believes in human goodness. In people. But the Light is only a part of me.

The story begins with the other side.

Darkness is the other way around.She's not poisonous and she's not diabolical, she reads you very well.She sees everything. She stands firmly on the ground and has deep roots, so she is not easy to shake. She is fearless, determined and indifferent to every possible nonsense. She doesn't resent it. She acts. Calm and thoughtful. She is a fantastic chess player and never rushes to make a move. She does not believe in second chances.

She only gives one, and you decide what to do with it.

Because of that decision, darkness will not shine on you, but you may look at her back at the end of the story.

And no, Darkness doesn’t start from the idea that all people are bad and should be treated that way, she just believes that people in our lives should deserve their place.

Only then can they see our Light.


‘If it’s yours, it will come. If not, it will pass. '

Quote from the book "Darkness"


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