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My idea of writing is living.

It’s easy, like breathing, through it I always find my way

Can a woman’s story fit into a few lines? Trust me, as a writer, I’ll tell you it can’t. I could say I’m both a writer and an entrepreneur and a musician, but those are just labels. It is true that I am an enthusiast, a romantic soul, a poet, a trained extrovert, and in fact an introvert who could spend her days writing and fantasizing. Life has built me ​​into a solid person who knows what she wants, what she aspires to and where she is going, and the creativity I carry in my soul has given me wings and courage to remain a girl at heart.


I live life in such a way that I absorb its changes and colors, and then I write them with my emotions and turn them into stories that you love so much. Is it art? I guess it is. But personally, I like to think that in each person there is an artist, whether he is a painter or a poet, only he has not yet discovered it.



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